CBD Rosin — What You Need to Know About the Purest Cannabis Extract

You’ve heard of the numerous benefits that CBD comes with, but you might still be hesitant about using it. After all, while CBD may be safe, the solvents used for extraction tend to be toxic. That doesn’t mean you should give up on it entirely, though — not when you can make all-natural CBD rosin instead. You haven’t heard of this substance before? Well, let us introduce you!

What Is CBD Rosin?

To put it simply, rosin is a cannabis extract that contains all cannabinoids and terpenes you want in your CBD oil, with none of the potentially toxic elements.

Typically, CBD concentrates use solvents in the extraction process — such as CO2, butane, or propane. These substances can leave behind dangerous residue that needs to be carefully removed before use. However, when making rosin, you only apply heat and pressure, so the extract you get is completely pure.

Rosin isn’t just safer for use than other concentrates — it’s also incredibly easy to make. In fact, with a little practice, it can take only around 15-20 minutes to extract it from the dried parts of the cannabis plant. The end result is a golden, sap-like substance that you can consume in the form of rosin dabs.

Which Part of the Plant Does CBD Rosin Come From?

CBD rosin can be extracted from different parts of the cannabis plant, but most commonly, it comes from the flower. More specifically, you need to collect trichomes — tiny, bead-like hairs that grow on the flowers.

Trichomes are rich in all substances you want in your CBD oil — cannabinoids and terpenes, above all. Before you start making rosin, collect these trichomes, then dry and cure them to make kief. After that, you can begin the extraction process.

Furthermore, you can make rosin from the trim or shake — parts of the cannabis plant that would otherwise end up discarded. Trim consists of unwanted tiny flowers and plant matter that you cut away before drying and curing. On the other hand, shake falls off on its own as you handle the plant regularly.

Instead of throwing these parts away, keep them, and use them for making rosin. That way, you’ll save some money and use your plant to its full potential.

Rosin vs. Resin vs. Live Resin

Rosin and resin sound so similar that you might think they are the same thing. But actually, there is quite a difference. Rosin is, as we now know, the oil extracted from the cannabis plant using pressure and heat. Resin, on the other hand, is the collective name for the trichomes that you use to make rosin.

Another term you might encounter a lot, and thus should be aware of, is live resin. Just like rosin, live resin is a cannabis concentrate, but it’s extracted using a special freezing technique that requires advanced equipment. Because of that, it’s quite expensive, and you can’t simply make it at home like rosin. However, those who buy it say that its quality is superb and the taste exquisite.

How to Make Rosin at Home

To make your own CBD rosin, you just need a few simple tools and a high-quality cannabis flower to press. Here is what you should prepare:

  • Rosin press (you can even use a regular hair straightener for this)
  • Natural or organic parchment paper
  • A collection tool
  • Some heat-resistant gloves

First, fold the parchment in half and put the flower in the center of the fold. Then turn on your press and let it heat up for a while. It’s of crucial importance to get the temperature, pressure, and time of press right. That can be hard since different strains of cannabis don’t react quite the same. Still, make sure not to use temperatures over 250℉ for pressing — terpenes tend to degrade at such heat.

Once you have found the suitable settings for your plant, put the parchment in the press and begin squeezing. After a while, you should see a wax-like substance appear. When you’re done, remove the bud you squished and collect the golden extract left on the paper. Be careful, though — it can be extremely hot, so make sure you’re wearing your gloves.

In Conclusion

Do you swear by CBD oil, but dislike that so many foreign substances are used in extraction? Well, then CBD rosin is just what you need! Its extraction is safe and easy, and the final product is pure and healthy. And the best part is that you don’t need any special equipment — you can quickly make your rosin oil at home using household items!

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