Green Gelato Marijuana Strain Review: Cannabis Review

Green Gelato Marijuana Strain by Royal Queen Seeds

“Gelato” is Italian for “ice cream,” which is an appropriate name for this marijuana strain because the smoke from this strain tastes just like vanilla ice cream! It’s a perfect dessert after any meal! While partaking in Green Gelato cannabis, users will feel happy and relaxed, making it great for social gatherings. 

Crossing between two classic strains, Thin Mint Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet, Green Gelato weed is a heavy-hitting Indica that relaxes the mind and body with full force. However, it does not put users to sleep as many other indica’s do. They’ll be pain-free but mentally sharp!

Let’s find out about this fantastic strain!

Green Gelato – Strain Information

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is proud to offer Green Gelato marijuana seeds worldwide with many different cannabis seed banks! This strain took its name from the medical term “hysteria,” which is fitting given how euphoric and giggly users will feel after partaking.

Green Gelato weed was created by crossing Thin Mint Cookies (a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison) and Sunset Sherbet (a cross of UBC Chemo, Afghani, and Cherry).

As a 70% Indica dominant strain, Green Gelato weed is potent. It will relax users from head to toe, providing excellent pain relief for those suffering from muscle spasms or chronic back problems. This marijuana strain also has a high THC content, making it great for nausea and appetite loss.

The “high” users get from Green Gelato is characterized by extreme happiness and uplifting. It’s impossible to get stuck in a thought loop when partaking in Green Gelato weed; only happy thoughts will come to mind! This mindset makes it perfect for social gatherings because users will be highly chatty!

Green Gelato has earned an incredible three Cannabis Cup awards since 2012! This marijuana strain took first place for Best Indica at the Cannabis Cup in 2012, second place (to another Green Gelato entry) in 2013, and third place in 2014.  It has been a consistent winner!


These flowers are dense nuggets that are light green with dark purple leaves near the buds. Some have described it as jazzy-looking because of its purple leaves, especially near the buds.

If you break up the nugs, you will notice orange pistils throughout the green leaves. These orange hairs are a great sign because it means this marijuana strain has a high trichome content!

Aroma & Flavor

The aroma of this marijuana strain smells just like the flavor, with hints of both vanilla and skunk undertones.

When you grind up the Green Gelato buds, they emit a strong fruity smell with some coffee undertones. This scent is packed in with vanilla and creamy notes that remind users of vanilla ice cream.

Green Gelato marijuana strain flavor is both fruity and sweet (with hints of skunk). On the exhale, there’s a creamy vanilla taste that leaves users wanting more!

Green Gelato: Effects & Medical Benefits

The Green Gelato marijuana strain high is both euphoric and relaxing. Many novice smokers may feel a little lightheaded or dizzy due to this strain’s high THC content of 25%. 

But for daily smokers, this strain is amazingly satisfying. After just one puff, you’ll feel your head buzzing with happiness and creativity. Your mind will be filled with euphoric energy, making you chatty and social. However, Green Gelato weed doesn’t have couch-lock effects like other Indica’s do.

Green Gelato is a popular medical marijuana strain because it’s more potent than your average Indica.

Many medical patients will appreciate Green Gelato weed because of its heavy-hitting Indica effects. Its high THC content makes it perfect for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite. 

It’s also great for users suffering from depression or anxiety. There’s no chance that you’ll slip into a negative mindset when partaking in Green Gelato weed!

Green Gelato: Side Effects

Medical patients will need to be more careful when using Green Gelato weed. Although it has some great medical benefits, novice smokers or those who can’t tolerate high THC levels may experience paranoia and dizziness. 

It’s also possible for some individuals to get dry mouth (cottonmouth) after smoking Green Gelato weed.

For the best results, medical patients should smoke this strain in a location where they feel comfortable and safe. Make sure to avoid public areas because it may cause dizziness or paranoia due to its high THC content.

Also, remember to stay hydrated and eat food when using the Green Gelato marijuana strain.

Green Gelato: Grow Information

Green Gelato is a world-class cannabis strain! If you’re looking for some great marijuana seeds, this is the one to get.

This marijuana strain is available as either female seeds or a clone-only plant, which means you can only get it from someone who already grows Green Gelato weed. While increasing it yourself can be satisfying, finding an original Green Gelato feminized seed will give you the advantage of knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Green Gelato takes between 8 and 10 weeks to flower, which isn’t too long for a strain with these effects.

Green Gelato seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it’s best when grown indoors in a hydroponic system. This allows for an easier harvest and perfect conditions that are free from bugs or mildew.

Master growers recommend using 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness daily to get the best results.

If you would like some more information on growing this strain, head over to our blog!

THC Content: Up to 25%

CBD Content: Below 1%

Green Gelato Strain: Final Thought

Overall, this is a fantastic medical strain that provides users with extreme happiness and euphoric energy. Beginners should be cautious because it has high THC levels that may cause dizziness or paranoia if not correctly used! 

But even daily smokers will enjoy the benefits of this fantastic cannabis, especially when suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, or depression.

Finally, this cannabis strain is a world-class cannabis strain, has an excellent THC content of 20%, providing users with highly potent medication that everyone should try at least once. 

Its benefits outweigh its side effects, which make this weed one of the most fantastic strains ever!

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