Ice Cream Kush Strain: Marijuana Review

Many people love ice cream. Scooping the delicious flavors into a cup or cone, licking it on a hot day, and feeling that sweet coolness melt in your mouth is an experience not to be missed. Some even say that there’s no better way to end a meal than with some of their favorite flavor!

But for those who can’t eat dairy products like cow’s milk due to dietary restrictions (like veganism), this treat may seem out of reach. That is until the Ice Cream marijuana strain was discovered.

The marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that has been bred for its flavor.  It was designed to have a sweet, fruity taste and aroma reminiscent of ice cream.

This marijuana strain’s effects are very relaxing with an uplifting head high that leaves you feeling happy and content. This strain will leave you calm but energized enough to keep going on with your day-to-day activities while still being able to relax on the couch at the end of the day.

But be careful not to overindulge because this can lead to anxiety or paranoia which might make it hard for some people if they get too much ice cream in one sitting!

Overall, this marijuana strain is a great choice if you’re looking for a way to relax and wind down after a long day.

Know More About the Ice Cream Strain

Ice cream marijuana strain or ice cream kush is a strain that tastes like ice cream. It is mostly Indica but makes you feel happy and relaxed. It was started by Paradise Seeds and it is one of the most popular marijuana strain varieties.

The Indica-Sativa ratio is 70/30. It has 15% THC and 1% CBD

It is very easy to find ice cream marijuana strain, it can be bought at most places, like dispensaries or through local deliveries.


The ice cream marijuana strain appearance mainly depends on the parents that were used to create this strand. It has a short height and wide-branching structure with dark green leaves and purple hues, intermixed with orange pistils. It also has white crystals that are THC glands.


The scent of the marijuana strain is very sweet and it smells like ice cream. It has a sugary, candy-like flavor that stays in your mouth long after the smoke. Some say that they taste a lot like lime or cotton candy in addition to vanilla flavor.

Flavor & Taste

The marijuana strain has an earthy, piney flavor, but it tastes mainly like ice cream. Some are known to taste like grapes, berries, and citrus. Even though the marijuana strain has a sweet flavor, it is not so strong so you wouldn’t get sick of it after smoking several times.

The ice cream marijuana strain tastes like berries. It is not too fruity or sweet like other ice creams; rather it has more of an ice-creamy taste. All ice creams are different depending on where they’re made and what they’re made of, this marijuana strain is no different.

THC Content-Highest Tested

This marijuana strain has a THC content of 25.5%, which is the highest among all cannabis strains tested to date.

CBD Content-Highest Tested

The strain has a low CBD content of .11%, which is the lowest among marijuana strains.

Ice Cream Strain, Grow Information

How to grow an Ice Cream Strain?

The ice cream marijuana strain is best grown indoors, where you can control the amount of light and heat that the marijuana strain receives. It only needs 7-8 weeks to grow and mature, so it is a great strain to grow if you do not have much time.

The plant is best grown in soil that has been mixed with perlite or other porous substance like vermiculite because the marijuana plant needs good drainage to thrive. Ice Cream marijuana plants can adapt to any indoor conditions as long as you keep the plant in a well-lit, humid environment.

It is a great choice for first-timers because the plant needs only low to medium maintenance and it can respond well to any mistakes made during the growing process.

In general, the ice cream marijuana strain does not have any problems as long as you provide it with standard nutrient feeding and room temperature.

Benefits of Ice Cream Strain

The Ice Cream Marijuana Strain is a cross between Ice Kush and Ice Cream. This hybrid also has high levels of THCV which can help those who suffer from depression or ADD/ADHD as it helps to combat fatigue and lack of focus. The strain is supposed to help with anxiety and sadness, as well as PTSD.

It gives users feelings of euphoria and happiness which can help to combat stress, while also giving some people the munchies which are helpful for those who are trying to gain weight or trying to keep their appetite strong.

It is also known to help patients with their insomnia, as well as other sleeping disorders. The Ice Cream Marijuana Strain is supposed to be an uplifting strain that can give users creativity and energy which makes it a great social strain of marijuana.

Side Effects of Ice Cream Strain

This marijuana strain has mixed reviews from users who feel relaxed or paranoid after smoking the weed depending on their tolerance level.

The Ice cream marijuana strain is a mild sedative, so users who suffer from seizures or other medical issues should be careful when using ice cream marijuana strain because it may cause them to have more symptoms.

Lightheadedness and cottonmouth are common side effects of ice cream marijuana strain, so be sure to have some water on hand before smoking it.

Luckily ice cream marijuana strain is not associated with major health risks, but it has been known to cause dry eyes and a mild headache if used a lot in a short amount of time.

In Conclusion

The Ice Cream Strain Ice Cream is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry ice. This marijuana strain has been popular in the cannabis community for years, but it’s just now starting to get some mainstream attention due to its high THC level that ranges from 18-28%.

The Ice Cream Strain is most commonly used by consumers who are looking for a euphoric head buzz with a little bit of energy. It also comes with a sweet strawberry taste and smell which makes this variety an excellent choice if you want something tasty on top of your marijuana experience.

 If you love ice cream and cannabis, we’ve got some good news for you! This type of Cannabis strain is designed to taste just like your favorite sweet treat. And it’s even got a high THC content that will offer relaxation and euphoric feelings—just what the doctor ordered if you need some relief from anxiety or stress. So go ahead and leave us a comment on our reviews section below to let us know how this new cannabis strain made an impact on your life!


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