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Autumn 2005
Journal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group

Continuing Mutual Education
(About O'Shaughnessy's)

Smoking Cannabis Does Not Cause Cancer Of Lung or Upper Airways, Tashkin Finds; Data Suggest Possible Protective Effect, by Fred Gardner

Chronic Conditions Treated With Cannabis, by Tod Mikuriya, MD

A Cooling Effect From Cannabis?, by Tod Mikuriya, MD

Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms Of Crohn's Disease, by Jeff Hergenrather

JAMA Acknowledgest The Endocannabinoid System ("ECS")

Marijuana and Impairment, by Richard Bayer, MD

Listening to Marinol: Rational Guidelines for Dosing, by Gregory T. Carter, MD; Patrick Weydt, MD; Muraco Kyashna-Tocha, PhD; and Donald I. Abrams, MD

Case Note: Extreme Sensitivity to Marinol, by Tod Mikuriya, MD

Implications of Early Cannabis Initiation, by Tom O'Connell, MD

Use By Teens Declines in States With Medical Marijuana Laws, by Karen O'Keefe and Mitch Earleywine

Cloning the Receptor

Addiction and Learning

Dr. X's Talks of Special Interest

Goldberg's Monkeys Bat Last

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Raich Case Leaves Doctor-Patient Relationship Intact; DEA Targets Some Growers, Dispensaries

CHP to Follow State Law

California Resumes Issuing ID Cards to MMJ Users, by Ellen Komp

Confidentiality Concerns May Keep Patients From Getting Cards

NIDA Blocks Vaporization Study; Researchers Appeal to DEA, O'Shaughnessy's New Service

Open Letter to Mr. Reiter, by Philip A. Denney, MD

Spurt of Federal Medical MJ Cases Follows Raich Ruling, by Dale Gieringer

Feds Take Over Prosecution of Merced Organizer

The "Professional Bust" of Fred Demchuck, by Fred Gardner

Practitioner's Perspective: Don't Lie to Your Doctor, by Frank Lucido, MD

Local Responses to Dispensaries Vary From Outright Bans to Regulation, by Dale Gieringer

Correspondence & Commentary

Painful Lessons to be Learned from DEA War on Opioid Prescribers, by Joe Talley, M.D.

Scripture and Strategy, by Joe Talley, MD

The Myth of Available Treatment, by Frank Fisher, MD

Oregon Bills Dr. Leveque

Steve McWilliams Says Goodbye

What's the Matter With Canada?, by Richard Cowan

The Sweet Internationalism of Rick Steves

A Real Farmer Looks at "Medical Marijuana", interview with Bob Cannard

Costs of Prohibition Calculated

Continuing Mutual Education (About O'Shaughnessy's)

The Sheriff's "Joke"

Affirmative Action for Cannabis Users?

An Unusual Apology

O'Shaughnessy's is the journal of the CCRMG/SCC. Our primary goals are the same as the stated goals of any reputable scientific publication: to bring out findings that are accurate, duplicable, and useful to the community at large. But in order to do this, we have to pursue parallel goals such as removing the impediments to clinical research created by Prohibition, and educating our colleagues, co-workers and patients as we educate ourselves about the medical uses of cannabis.
The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) was formed in the Autumn of 2004 by the member physicians of CCRMG to aid in the promulgation of voluntary standards for clinicians engaged in the recommendation and approval of cannabis under California law (HSC §11362.5).

As the collaborative effort continues to move closer to issueing guidelines, this site serves as a public venue for airing and discussing these guidelines.

Visit the SCC Site for more information.