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Minutes March 2002

Minutes of CCRMG BOD Meeting 3/8/02

Present: Tod Mikuriya, John Trapp, Sally Light, Mollie Fry, Dale Schafer, Dale Gieringer, Frank Lucido, Tom O’Connell, Richard Hansen


1. Introductions
2. Agenda review and approval
3. Update on Medical Board situation
4. Legal updates
5. Political update – impact of elections
6. Web Board for CCRMG – face sheet
7. July conference of ICRS
8. Strategy discussion
9. Next meeting

1. Introductions.
Introductions were done round-table style.

2. Agenda review and approval.
Agenda was approved.

3. Update on Medical Board situation.
Tod explained that he is under investigation by the Medical Board, but no specific allegations have been made yet. A number of complaints lodged against him were typically by people who lost their court cases and the next day, as a result, filed their complaints. The Medical Board is being manipulated by Attorneys General, malicious prosecutors and D.A.s.

4. Legal updates.
On the issue of patient privacy, John reminded everyone that a judge has stipulated some ground rules.

Tod filed in San Francisco to keep away from Sacramento’s obvious conflicts-of-interest and extreme bias against him. Also, venue rules specify that a court hearing can’t be more than 50 miles away from one’s place of business, so in Tod’s case, Sacramento is ruled out. He is waiting for the next move to be made. Bill Simpich, his lawyer, is also waiting to see who will be named in the federal suit. Tod believes he will win eventually because he will focus on the behind-the-scenes process, and his opponents don’t like the publicity (e.g., Tod publishes transcripts on his web site and this garners a lot of public support) – they prefer to work under cloak of secrecy.

Re: harm reduction, Frank asked what are the legal issues for patients (he cited a patient who has been able to keep off alcohol for 5 years due to MM). This started up a general discussion. Dale Schafer said this often arises in probation cases. He and Mollie often point patients on probation to attorneys who can help. He stressed the need to work with probation officers/agencies and the courts to get MM approved for patients. Dale Gieringer said that there is a city-run agency in San Francisco that refers people to MM sources.

5. Political update – impact of elections.
There was a wide-ranging discussion about the primary election results. Dale Schafer explained that although he lost his bid for election, he did get 15% of the vote. This means that his support is needed by those who made it to the upcoming election. Further, for the first time, he is in a position of power when dealing with the D.A.s in his area (including Sacramento). A dual federal agent is running for D.A. in his county, and 3 judgeships and a supervisor seat are also up for election. He will demand public position statements from all candidates on our issues.

Dale Gieringer said that Simon has stated he would enforce state law on MM, as contrasted with Davis who is very conservative. He believes it is a “sleeper” issue at the state level.

6. Web Board for CCRMG – face sheet.
John has created a Web Board for CCRMG, with one section for public discussion, and another for Board members only. It was agreed that Tod would post a draft for a shared face sheet, and other Board members would offer their feedback, ideas, etc., so that a common face sheet can be developed using the Web Board.

7. July conference of ICRS.
There will be a conference in July 2002, in Idylwild, CA, of the Int’l Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS). It was decided that the CCRMG Board would make a presentation on the situation in Calif. and US (as contrasted with that in Europe and other areas of the world), and also hold a press conference during the conference.

8. Strategy discussion.
A broad discussion ensued re: a variety of strategies and issues:

Light of day helps us, not our opponents, as we have the high moral ground.

Presentations we give increase legitimacy of the issues and reduce demonization of both us and MM.

The press conference planned for the July ICRS conference will help us put a face on MM, and give a better public understanding of who our patients are.

Our developing a common face sheet will facilitate 1) establishing guidelines and standards for data collection, 2) gathering data that can be input for a variety of statistical applications, 3) creating MM guidelines we can proffer as the leading professionals, and 4) many other productive ends.

9. Next meeting.
The next Board meeting will be Friday, June 14, 2002.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Sally Light.


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