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Minutes June 2002


St. Thomas Center, San Pablo, CA

Present: Dr. Tod Mikuriya, Dr. Richard Hansen, Dr. Frank Lucido, John Trapp, Dr. Mollie Frye, Dale Schafer, Fred Gardner, Sally Light


1. Check in and introductions
2. Review & approve agenda
3. Reports/updates
A. Legal
B. Political
C. Medical Board
D. Face sheet
E. Minimum standard practice statement
4. Upcoming conferences
A. July Int’l conference at Asilomar
B. Oct. 19 San Diego conference
1) Dr. Frye to present cost/benefit analysis

2) Other CCRMG presentations?

5. Other
6. Next meeting

1. Check in and introductions - Accomplished by all present.

2. Review & approve agenda – So approved.

3. Reports/updates
A.Legal – Mollie and Dale S. gave an update on Mollie’s case. The DEA is trying to revoke her registration. The gates for discovery are now open, so she is seeking a good attorney to represent her pro bono or at low cost (note: Susan Lea has now agreed to take this case). Also, Dale S. intends to approach Lockyer on everyone’s behalf, and is redrafting his letter. Tod raised whether we should also take a proposed minimum practice standard before Lockyer. Tod also stated that his attorneys are readying a civil suit requesting injunctive relief on California constitutional grounds. Mollie, was very upset over one of her MS patients facing a heightened risk of arrest. She stated that perhaps a State Supreme Court ruling on 215 may be helpful re: providing a way of taking patients out of the court system early (relevant here, since federal money is paying for arrests, etc.)

B.Political - Dale S. brought documentation proving that in 1996 Barry McCaffrey, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, developed a strategy to bring in all the agencies to defeat 215, and to bring down doctors who write recommendations. It appears to be a conspiracy to deprive the people and the doctors of their constitutional rights. Tod suggested that this information be brought to the Oct. 19 conference in San Diego (see item 4 (B) below).

C. Medical Board - Tod had nothing new to report since the last meeting. His attorneys continue to work on his situation while he waits for the next hearing date.

D.Face Sheet - Prior to the meeting, Susan Lea expressed by email strong support for a common face sheet. At today’s meeting, it was generally supported. Richard H. stated that politically it’s a good idea, and also asked whether there is medical precedent for it. Frank L. said that it should be a simple form based on Tod’s basic questions, that it has the advantage of providing data for statistical analysis, and that his own Nurse Practitioner, Maria (recently completed her PhD), is reworking his own face sheet. Tod pointed out that the face sheet would support the minimum standard practice statement (see E below).

E.Minimum practice standard statement. After general discussion, the following was passed as CCRMG’s statement:

Proposed Physician Practice Standard for Medical Cannabis Recommendation/Approval for Implementation and Compliance with the California Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

1. The initial examination is “face to face,” in person, confidential, and live. (Follow up may be video, photographic, telephonic, or email.)

2. The examination is memorialized with elements of: Name, sex, birthdate, social security number, address, phone number, date of examination, ICD-9-CM, DSM-IV TR Diagnoses.

3. Documentation supporting the diagnoses.

4. Compliance with HIPAA where required.

4.Upcoming conferences.

A. July Int’l conference at Asilomar. Although CCRMG is not planning anything such as press conference or presentations, several present they would try to get there.

B. October 19 San Diego conference. Tod explained that this is being co-organized by CCRMG and by Andy Kinnen, an activist in Orange County. The conference’s activities are still being developed. So far, it’s been determined that Mollie F. will do a cost/benefit analysis on MM, and there will be a legal presentation by an attorney yet to be determined. Other presentations by CCRMG Board members are welcomed and encouraged. Information on item 3 (B) above will also be included.

5.Other. Frank L. announced that he is speaking on MM on June 25 at noon at the Alta Bates main auditorium. It is open to both doctors and the public. He invited CCRMG Board members to come.

6.Next meeting. It was agreed that the next quarterly Board meeting will be held on September 13, 2003.

Minutes prepared by Sally Light



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