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Minutes June 2003
MEETING ON June 13, 2003 at SAN PABLO, CA

DRAFT for Comment

Present: Dr. Tod Mikuriya, Dr. David Hadorn, Dr. Jeff Hergenrather, Dr. Richard Hansen, Dr. Frank Lucido, Dale Gierenger (CA NORML), Fred Gardner (CCRMG Publicist), John Trapp, and Marco Frasier.


1) Introductions
2) Agenda Review and Approval
3) Review and Approve March 2003 Minutes
4) San Diego Conference
5) Medical Board Actions
6) State and Federal Updates
7) Common Face Sheet
8) Minimum Practice Standards/CMA Resolution
9) Oakland Office Space
10) Vaporizer Research
11) May Medical Board Meeting
12) CCRMG Journal
13) CCRMG Website


1.Introductions – Accomplished round-table style.

2.Approve agenda – So approved.

3. Approve minutes of last meeting – Dr. Lucido clarified section 5(iii), stating that his case was still unknown. Approved with change.

4. Planning for a conference in San Diego for physicians and attorneys: Dr. Hadorn suggested that we should defer to ASA on this matter. Dale mentioned that LA County is having a conference on Implementation and Compliance. There was some general discussion regarding whether CCRMG should monitor non-compliance, with no firm decision being made. [Dr. Lucido, did we make a firm decision on this? CCRMG has a PO Box now, so if we wanted to start monitoring non-compliance we could, other input?]

5.Medical Board Actions: Both Dr. Ellis’ and Dr. Alcalay’s cases dismissed, Dr. Lucido’s still in limbo, no other changes.

6.State and Federal Updates: Dale reported: A.) Vasconsellos’ bill is moving forward, gubernatorial recall may help Davis sign if it reaches his desk, B.) State Assembly is moving toward legalizing paraphernalia for medical use, C.) Federal RAVE Act may impinge on Constitutional Freedoms (MO NORML, among others, challenging the legislation, and D.) CAMP funding generally decreasing during past few years.

7.Common Face Sheet: Dr. Hergenrather presented revision 4 for review. Discussion focused on what it should contain, agreed that length was an issue. There seemed to be some leaning toward a short face sheet with additional diagnosis specific questionnaires. Resolved to continue the discussion on an email list. John agreed to check into setting up such a list on Yahoo Groups.

8.Practice Standards: Dr. Mikuriya reported that CMA passed CCRMG’s resolution, he is generally pleased with the action but is less than happy with some of the changes made to it. Dr. Lucido reported that the CMA and CMB had set up a joint working group to study the issue, their next meeting is July 11.

9.Office Space: This topic was deferred although Dr. Mikuriya mentioned that this was possibly the last meeting at St. Anthonys.

10.Vaporizer Study: Dale reported on a study comparing smoked cannabis to vaporized cannabis utilizing the Volcano™ vaporizer. Pleased with results which he termed “very encouraging”. Dale further reported that the vaporizer was being submitted to FDA for use in human studies.

11.Medical Board Meeting: Dr. Lucido reported that the meeting generated good input from patients and the medical community. Discussed inviting Dr. Andrea Barthwell, deputy director for demand reduction at ONDCP, to a CCRMG event. Resolved to write an open letter to Dr. Barthwell.

12.CCRMG Journal: Fred passed out final draft of part of journal. Going to printer soon, asked for any final edits. Getting 12,000 copies made. Stated that tax deductible contributions could be made to CCRMG to help defray costs.

13.CCRMG Website: John gave overview of CCRMG’s website’s members only area. The section, located at, is password protected and contains all of the minutes from previous meetings. If members do not have the password they can call John at 510-548-1188 to obtain it, sorry I don't feel comfortable putting it in an email going to multiple recipients.

Next Meeting Scheduled for September 12, 2003 at 12 Noon, site to be announced

14.Meeting Adjourned

Minutes prepared by John Trapp. Reviewed by Tod Mikuriya, M.D.





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