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Minutes March 12, 2004

1. Attendance: R. Steven Ellis, M.D., Philip Denney, M.D., Richard Hansen, M.D., Robert Sullivan, M.D., Molly Fry, M.D., Tod Mikuriya, M.D., Dale Gieringer, PhD, Susan Lea, Esq., Dale Shafer, Esq, Mr. Fred Gardner, Mr. John Trapp, Ms. Nah Parsons
2. Agenda Reviewed and Approved
3. December 12, 2003 Minutes Reviewed and Approved
4. Medical Board Updates- Susan Lea, Esq. Dr. Mikuriya’s case, S. Calif civil hearing reopened for Dr. Eidelman, state expert witness Rxed Viagra without exam. Dr Molly Fry arrest by DEA and Medical Board accusations. Cannabis Consultantcy vs. prescription and general medical practice. Powers of Medical Board, Procedures.
January 30, 2004 meeting. Videotaped and transcribed, Mr. Gardner comments, Minimum Practice Standard policy statement diverted for revision to AG’s Office, decalendered.

5. By-Laws revision Dr. Denney and Dr. Mikuriya CCRMG by-laws reflect functions of a group medical practice. Experience of CCRMG physicians represents more a medical specialty society. Dr. Denney volunteers to produce a revision in the by-laws to reflect. Discuss development of education and certification program

6. Common Intake Forms- Data Entry Forms (Dr. Hergenrather’s project) Continued until next meeting. Plans to develop format for international repository of cannabis patients utilizing both a common intake questionnaire and an abbreviated data entry form

7. O'Shaugnessy Journal--Fred Gardner Spring 2004 issue review: General increasing medical acceptance, GW Pharmaceuticals list of diseases, Lucido Practice Standards, Hergenrather data base project, Alice Mead, JD Legal Status of Medical Marijuana, Cannabis for the wounded (Editorial) Defer criticism of Medical Board from this issue. Withhold problems of Oregon’s Philip L’Eveque with Oregon Board of Medical Examiners.
8. ICRS meeting Paestra, Italy, June 22-26 and IACM meeting Oxford Sep 10-Hergenrather: CCRMG intake form and data registry, Lucido, Mikuriya: Cannabis consultancy practice model. A case of atrophy blanche . (Dr Lucido unable to attend)
9. State Research Program Status, Implementation Committee- Dale Gieringer Funding problems and projects on hold. An extension. Abrams study on cancer pain recruitment problems. Quality of cannabis from NIDA and excessively restrictive criteria. Cannabis dosing and usage estimates.

10. New Business: Future Meeting Location:

513 El Cerrito Plaza
El Cerrito, CA 94530


Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.



O'Shaughnessy's is the journal of the CCRMG. Our primary goals are the same as the stated goals of any reputable scientific publication: to bring out findings that are accurate, duplicable, and useful to the community at large. But in order to do this, we have to pursue parallel goals such as removing the impediments to clinical research created by Prohibition, and educating our colleagues, co-workers and patients as we educate ourselves about the medical uses of cannabis. Read O'Shaughnessy's Online
The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) was formed in the Autumn of 2004 by the member physicians of CCRMG to aid in the promulgation of voluntary standards for clinicians engaged in the recommendation and approval of cannabis under California law (HSC §11362.5).

As the collaborative effort continues to move closer to issueing guidelines, this site serves as a public venue for airing and discussing these guidelines.

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