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December 10, 2004 Draft Minutes

1. Introductions, accomplished round table.
2. Review and approve agenda, so approved.
3. Review and approve minutes, minutes approved with one change to the second sentence in item 6 deleting “and Tod Mikuriya to Fewer clinicians”.
4. O’Shaugnessy’s Journal – Fred Gardner
The Winter issue is being delayed for coverage of the Raich case and should go to the printer between 12/17/04 and the first of the year. O’Shaugnessy’s was cited twice in briefs in the Raich case. A summary of the Winter issue contents was given and a report that feedback has been good, including with law enforcement. A future article on what conventional drugs could be replaced by cannabis was discussed.
5. Medical Board Updates – Frank Lucido
Dr. Lucido gave an update on the 11/5/04 Medical Board meeting which is posted on David Thornton returned as executive director of investigation and has been in email contact with Dr. Lucido with a possibility of a meeting being scheduled. The Hurwitz case in Virginia was discussed, which could have a chilling effect on medical marijuana as the government is supervising how doctors prescribe, and in the judge’s jury instructions there were limitations placed on “good faith”. Molly Fry’s case was also updated; she is in Amsterdam and had a pre-indictment meeting. Her case could be impacted by the Raich decision. The District Attorney released medical records to Medical Board violating state privacy law.
6. California Research Programs Update – deferred
7. Data Collection and Research – Jeff Hergenrather
Dr. Hergenrather reviewed the revised health history questionnaire and reported it is also being used in Oregon, without the review of symptoms section. There was discussion about adding a clause to the release of liability form to allow for data collection for research. Dr. Mikuriya discussed alcohol questionnaire and it was agreed to post on CCRMG website. Dr. Bannister and Dr. O’Connell discussed their data collection methods and Dr. O’Connell provided a handout. Little data entry has been done because of lack of staffing, excepting Dr. Mikuriya’s compilation of ICD-9 data.
8. New Names: DBAs SCC and CCRMG
Dr. Mikuriya reported corporate counsel advised change of name and focus could not be made without effecting CCRMG non-profit status. The group agreed to rescind previous decision on name change and to pursue creating SCC as a separate entity, possibly as a project of CCRMG. It was agreed to pursue DBAs for both names.
9. Outreach to Cannabis Clinicians beyond California – Tod Mikuriya
Dr. Mikuriya discussed outreaching to Oregon physicians to increase solidarity. Dr. Mikuriya discussed doctor’s experiences with the Oregon Medical Board; like California no complaints by patients or caregivers but by conservative doctors.
10. New Business
Minimum Practice Standards were discussed and availability for consultation was identified as a needed addition. There was some discussion of providing approval of additions to county limits for cultivation and the Medical Board’s decisions limiting doctor approval of amounts. Discussed using language describing patient needs rather than specific amounts. The doctors on probation discussed what proctors look for during reviews. There was some discussion that the Medical Board has not specified what is involved in an appropriate physical exam. Several doctors described their practices.
11. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Friday March 11, 2005 11:30 AM at 513 El Cerrito Plaza.
12. The meeting was adjourned.

Attending: Dr. Banister, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Hergenrather, Dr. Hildebrand, Dr. Lucido, Dr. Mikuriya, Dr. O’Connell, Dr. Toy, Fred Gardner, Sandra Lindsey, Pat McCartney, Jo Toy, John Trapp, and Michael Trapp





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The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) was formed in the Autumn of 2004 by the member physicians of CCRMG to aid in the promulgation of voluntary standards for clinicians engaged in the recommendation and approval of cannabis under California law (HSC §11362.5).

As the collaborative effort continues to move closer to issueing guidelines, this site serves as a public venue for airing and discussing these guidelines.

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