Super Glue Strain: Origin, Benefits, and Side Effects

For those of us on the hunt for a super-relaxing but not zombie-like high, the Super Glue strain just might be the right choice. This Indica-heavy hybrid has been rather popular among novices and veteran users for a while now, and it all comes down to the long and slow high that can knock one off the feet but still leave the brain somewhat clear.

The Origin and Effects of the Super Glue Strain

Unlike some other strains, the Super Glue’s origin is clear: it was developed by Seedism Seeds. However, its popularity grew not because of its origin but its balance.

Super Glue is more Indica-heavy (60%) but offers the mind stimulation common in Sativa (40%). Its THC and CBD content also speak volumes about its effects both when it comes to recreational and medicinal use. With 28% THC and 1% CBD, it’s really no wonder it’s a go-to for various physical and psychological ailments.

This potency boils down to the strain’s parents — Afghani and Northern Lights. Both of these are incredible options if we’re looking for a strain that would relax the body first and then let that melt back into the brain.

For example, Afghani eases tension in the body but offers mental clarity, while Northern Lights makes us physically lazy (sedation) but induces happiness and creativity (at least for a short while). Together, they make the Super Glue strain, which doesn’t inspire manic thoughts but can glue us to the couch if we take too much.

How It Feels to Smoke It

We have to remember that Super Glue will hit hard but not as fast as some other strains. Some users do feel an abrupt head rush and dizziness after the first few tokes, but that dissipates fast and is replaced by carefree, uplifting thoughts and physical relaxation.

After a while, as the body relaxes even more, the mind gets stimulated. This makes the strain a good option if we’re looking to have some meaningful conversations, too; it stimulates clarity and awareness.

After about an hour, we may feel as if we’re glued to our seat. There’s no more tension, and the muscles are completely loose and relaxed. The mind is still lucid, but we are reluctant to move and would just like to chill for a while.

The effects should last for about two to three hours.

Appearance, Scent, and Taste

The Super Glue strain displays compact nugs and tightly curled sage green leaves. However, the deep orange hairs break up the whole green look and make the strain look, if not more interesting, then at least more appealing. There is also a coating of white trichomes, which is actually sticky and explains the strain’s name.

As for the flavor and aroma, they depend on whether or not we have a grinder. Since the nugs are so densely packed, we may not even get the sandalwood aroma (courtesy of Afghani). Instead, we can mostly smell a citrus aroma with hints of pine, caramel, and earth. Similarly, the taste is rather citrus-like and feels somewhat spicy at the back of the throat.

Usage and Health Benefits

Since the Super Glue strain doesn’t generate intrusive thoughts, some users opt for it to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Its mind-stimulating but still rather uplifting effects ought to help with any darkness they might be fighting.

At the same time, this strain is an incredible option for those battling tremors, muscle spasms, and pain. With just a few tokes, the symptoms may slow down or go away temporarily and finally allow for a restful night. That way, this strain is also suitable for easing sleep disorders and insomnia. Its sedating, slow-burning effects truly let the users kick back, relax, and drift off to sleep.

Potential Side Effects

Of course, too much of anything won’t do us any good, and the same goes for Super Glue. If we toke up too much, we’re likely to experience dry mouth and eyes. Some users also say they experience dizziness and paranoia, but those should go away in mere minutes. Either way, it’s best not to go overboard with the amount — smoke less to avoid any discomfort and remember to stay hydrated!

Growing Super Glue Indoors and Outdoors

We cannot buy Super Glue seeds online, so the only way for us to grow it is to clip it from a mature and healthy plant (i.e., we can only clone it).

The plant grows well both inside and outside. However, it’s worth noting that it will thrive the most in places where we can control the conditions.

Plants grown outside require a semi-humid climate and good airflow in case the humidity is higher than necessary. They can produce about 500 to 600 gr/m2 and grow to be two meters high. The harvest usually happens in late October.

As for indoor plants, they can grow up to 1.5 meters and yield 400 to 500 gr/m2. The flowering time is eight to ten weeks.

Final Thoughts

The Super Glue strain offers the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa by relaxing the body but not causing mental impairment or intrusive thoughts. Still, the strain is rather potent and sedating, which makes it perfect to smoke before bedtime. We don’t recommend using it as pre-game before a night out, though — it’s one of the best strains for couch lock lovers looking to relax completely.

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